WhatsApp Transfer

- Securely Backup, Restore and Transfer WhatsApp Data.

  • Transfer WhatsApp data between iOS/Android devices directly.
  • Back up WhatsApp chats, photos, videos, attachments from Android/iOS to Computer.
  • Restore WhatsApp iTunes backups to Android/iOS devices.
  • Export WhatsApp backups as HTML and CSV files and print out.
  • Fully compatible with the latest iOS 16 and Android 11.
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Core Features
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WhatsApp Chats& Attachment Backup and Restore

Backup whatsApp messages and attachment on Android or iOS to computer.

Device to Device WhatsApp Transfer

Achieves phone to phone WhatsApp data transfer between Android and iOS device.

Restore WhatsApp Data in iTunes Backup

Restore WhatsApp data in iTunes backup to PC, Android and iOS device.

Transfer WhatsApp between Android and iOS Devices

  • This phone to phone WhatsApp transfer tool allows you to transfer WhatsApp data between your iPhone and Android as simple as a swipe of your finger.
  • Seamlessly transfer all WhatsApp chat histories, including messages, photos, videos, attachments between Android and iOS Devices.
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    Backup WhatsApp Chats & Restore to iOS/Android Devices

  • Backup WhatsApp data including conversions and attachments from the iOS or Android device to your computer. All files are previewable and impossibly overwrite.
  • Restore the WhatsApp backup of one device to another (different systems supported).
  • Restore the WhatsApp data from iTunes backup to your iOS/Android devices or computer.
  • Each backup will be kept individually and forever, so both current and earlier data can be saved.

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    Export & Print WhatsApp Chats

    PanFone WhatsApp Transfer supports exporting WhatsApp chats from Android/iOS devices to HTML and CSV files. You can preview and print WhatsApp chats as they appear on the phone or read them as a log file.

  • Export WhatsApp chat to HTML and read it as on the phone.
  • Export WhatsApp chat to EXCEL/CSV files.
  • Export one WhatsApp chat or all WhatsApp chats at once.
  • Export WhatsApp photos, videos and more in 1 click.
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    WhatsApp Data Easy Management

    Backup, Restore and Transfer WhatsApp messages, photos, audio and other attachment.

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