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How to Delete the Crash Logs Of iOS 12.2?

Although in iOS 12.2, Apple addresses a bug in storage, such as the incorrect storage bar graph in category (Settings > General > iPhone Storage where the storage size of some large apps, the System category, and the Other category), there is no enhancement for the ability of clearing cached files to improve the storage space. The slow performance of the iOS device is usually caused by app cached data.

Caches are data or files stored on your iPhone by iOS apps. These files are stored so that the next time apps want to run, and they can easily access these data or files without having to create new ones again. Caches lead to speedier and optimal performing iOS apps, but they can clog your iOS storage space thereby leading to slow performance. This is the major reason why app caches must be erased. The crash log is one of them.

How to remove crash logs?

Normally, these logs can not be found or viewed except using professional encoding tools like X-code, etc. It's not our aim. So an easy tool is recommended to complete the search and deletion work easily.
PanFone iOS Eraser is a tool to instantly delete all these junk files to free up more space on your iOS device. It also supports to erase messages, contacts, call history, photos & video, browsing data and more with 0% recovery.

Features of PanFone iOS Data Eraser

PanFone iOS Data Eraser Pro helps you erase data from the iOS device to protect your privacy.

  • Erase data on iOS devices completely with nothing recoverable.
  • Wipe 10+ social apps data: WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, Kik, etc.
  • 100% secure private data when switching phones.
  • Erase deleted files and private fragments with no chance to recover.
  • Clear junk files and speed up iPhone/iPad.
  • Support for all iOS devices running iOS 7 and above (including iPhone XS).

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PanFone iOS Data Eraser

So let see how to delete the crash logs by PanFone iOS Eraser:

  1. Click the above button to download PanFone iOS Eraser and install it on your PC.
  2. Launch the program and connect your iOS device with PC.

    connect ios device

  3. Tab "Free Up Space" and then click "Quick Scan" on the right panel.

    main interface

    The scan will take a few seconds for the first time. When it finished, you will see a result list of the scan. It shows the spaces taken by Junk files, Temporary File, etc.

    scanning iOS device result

  4. Click the button "Clean" beside the "Junk Files". It switches to the details which lists the "Crash logs".

    details of junk file

  5. Tab "Clean" and make sure of the deletion. All the crash logs of your device are cleaned.
Remember to have the same operation for period, so you will get your system clean and faster.

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