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How to Access and Selectively View iCloud Backup File on Mac or PC

Q: "Hi, I recently backed up my iPhone to iCloud. But when I logged into my iCloud account on PC, I cannot access this data from my computer. Is there any way to access the iCloud backup from my PC? I Want to view iCloud backup file. Thank you!"--- A question that has been asked enormous times in Apple support forums, Q&A sites and Yahoo Answers.

check iCloud backup file

This is a very common question. Though iCloud is so powerful and easy to record your digital life, some users still have no idea of how to access iCloud to view their pictures, text messages, videos, and documents. This guide will share with you how to access iCloud photos, contacts and other files on Mac or PC.

Solution 1. How to Access iCloud Backup Online with iCloud.com (file type limited)

iCloud can automatically back up various data on your iOS device. After backing up to iCloud, you can access and view iCloud backup files by visiting icloud.com. Here's how to do that in simple steps.

view iCloud bakup file online

Step 1 : Visit iCloud.com in any web browser and sign in your iCloud account.

Step 2 : In the main interface, you'll see all types of backup files, and then you can click to access certain data on your computer.

Note: Only "Photos" section offers download button. Press on it on the top right to download photos you'd like to save on PC.



But if you are needing more of your data that you want to view and access, then there is a need for you to use an alternative way for you to view and access your iCloud backup.

Solution 2. How to Access and View iCloud Backup on Mac or PC (no file type limited)

If you really want to escape the limitations of aforementioned method, such as only access partial iOS data, have no right to preview files before recovery, PanFone iCloud Backup Extractor should be a better choice. It enables you to access iCloud backup file(even a really old one) on PC or Mac to view photos, videos, contacts, call history, messages, whatsapp messages, calendar, notes, voice memos, reminders and Safari bookmarks etc. You are also allowed to access some data deleted before and recover the deleted data from iCloud backup to computer or iOS devices. Both Windows version and Mac version are available, simply download and install the suitable version on your computer to get started.

PanFone iCloud Backup Extractor

PanFone iCloud Backup Extractor is an all-in-one iOS data viewer & recovery tool for you to access iCloud/iTunes backup, iPhone files easily & flexibly

  • Selectively preview and extract data from iCloud backup files, from iOS Device, iTunes Backup without overwrite.
  • Sort data in iCloud/iTunes backup, iPhone file into categories.
  • Recover photos, messages, contacts as well as App data like WhatsApp conversations, iPhoto, Instagram etc.
  • You can choose to extract data to computer or put back to device.

Win Version
Mac Version

iOS Data Recovery

5 Steps to access iCloud backup file

Step 1 : Download and install PanFone.

Download and install PanFone to your Computer. After you install it, launch it right away.

Step 2: Sign in iCloud.

Select Recover from iCloud backup mode, you will be prompted to sign in to Cloud. Please enter your Apple ID to sign in.

Note: When recovering data using this mode, do not connect the device to your computer during the recovery to prevent the iCloud file from being updated or modified.
It's totally safe to sign in your account here. We take your privacy seriously, and the program won't keep any record of your account and data at any time during your sessions.

sign in iCloud

Step 3: Select iCloud backup to Download.

If you have synced different iOS devices with iCloud before, more than one backup files will show up after you sign in iCloud. Just choose the proper one for your iPhone and click Next button.

select iCloud backup file

Step 4: Extract the downloaded iCloud backup to access the content.

Now, a dialog will pop up, all the contents from the iCloud backup file including App photos, Camera Roll, SMS, WhatsApp messages, contacts, call history, notes, calendar, bookmarks will be displayed in detail. Unselect contents you don't need to load, and click on Next to extract files.

extract iCloud backup file

Step 5: Preview and Recover Data from iCloud backup to iPhone or Computer.

Once the scanning process is completed, all data are displayed in different types. Choose any tab to preview details and select certain data to preview details and choose what you would like to restore back. Then choose Recover to computer or Recover to device.

recover call history from iCloud



Accessing iCloud backup files is very easy with the two methods recommended above. But PanFone would be more flexible. Regardless of which device you are using, all files synced to iCloud can be extracted and saved on your PC or Mac. Why not get it and have a try now?

Win Version
Mac Version

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